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Since 1992, IEQSA is a regular exporter of Titanzinc coils, zinc sheets and zinc strips. More than two dozen manufacturers of gutters, down-pipes, elbows and roof-accessories, in Germany, France and other 12 European countries, are our regular customers.

Our rolled titanzinc (titanium zinc) is manufactured as per the specifications of European norm EN 988 (Germany: DIN 17770. France: NFA 55101, 55201 and 55211). It is also approved for the manufacture of pipes and other rainwater accesories by the TIG point-welding method. Furthermore, we manufacture special qualities for the manufacture of zinc ornaments, for drawing and deep-drawing.

Important housing complexes, churches, public and private buildings, have been roofed with IEQSA titanzinc, with optimum technical and aesthetic results. We invite you to visit our architectural references included here.

Since 1999, IEQSA is also a regular exporter of industrial use zinc coils, zinc sheets and zinc strips.

These products are already used by IEQSA customers in the United States, Canada, Italy and Brazil, in activities such as the automobile industry, the making of moss guard strips, terrazo strips, expansion joints, window came, corner beads, cable tiewraps, coffins, etc.

Please do contact us if you have any particular needs related to rolled industrial - use zinc. We shall be pleased to answer to your inquiries.

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